Possible 2015 Boundary Changes: It’s Up The Poll Special Report

East of the M60’s musings on the proposed boundary changes

Ashton Market (from Town Hall steps)

So, whether we voted in favour of electoral reform or not, we have learnt that the House of Commons would have shafted some MPs any way. Even the 2010 Liberal Democrat Manifesto stated that, with a proposal to abolish 150 seats, albeit with a reformed voting system. Instead, Britons voted against a change from First Past the Post, protesting against its perceived complexity and fearing any loss of seats. Therefore, what we are about to receive is a loss of 50 MPs and an ageing (though seemingly idiotproof) non-proportional voting system. Most of which they said would be in Labour and Liberal Democrat strongholds. Continue reading “Possible 2015 Boundary Changes: It’s Up The Poll Special Report”