Nobody Forgets a Good Teacher

(Or DVLA instructor, Jobcentre clerk or college lecturer – unless you’re a millionaire cabinet minister)

30/06/11 30th June PCS & UNISON early morning pickets and protests Birmingham city centre
PCS and UNISON early morning pickets and protests, Birmingham city centre. Photo: Geoff Dexter

As the 1999 Teacher Training Agency advertising campaign suggested, nobody forgets a good teacher. For me, all eight teachers I knew at Ewing School fell in to that category and had a profound influence on myself. One of them had a penchant for walking and travelling great distances, something I enjoy doing myself. It is thanks to the supportive environment there where I started appreciating the countryside beyond my bedroom window or the confines of a GMT standard double decker. In fact, my enthusiasm for the latter was intensified by trips to local attractions such as the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Not to mention the fact that my first classroom (ironically known as the First Group [sic]) had a grandstand view of the local bus scene (it overlooked the Palatine Road bus terminus). Continue reading “Nobody Forgets a Good Teacher”

Introducing the Dovestones Hopper

Summer weekend park and ride service relaunched

Dovestones Reservoir, Greenfield

Last year, Checkmate Coaches launched the DS1 and DS2 park and ride services from Uppermill to Dovestones Reservoir. Unfortunately for them, hardly anyone boarded the shuttle buses, despite being free of charge. By the end of its summer season, the Saddleworth Parish Council decided against funding this year’s shuttle. Continue reading “Introducing the Dovestones Hopper”

Bus Shelters of Your Mind: The Not So Perfect Ten

10 Bus Shelters to Visit Before You Leave This World

408 Stalybridge to Shaw, Volvo B7

Somewhere in the depth of time (at least in internet terms) we were using the world wide web to rate pictures of cute cats, instead of playing Mafia Wars and tweeting our bowel movements to the nth degree. Back then, I was thinking of developing a similar site called ‘’. The idea of course was so bus users could rate out of ten their favourite bus shelter. It would have been like a Top Trumps for bus shelters, with points given for each one in terms of warmth, cover and architectural style. Continue reading “Bus Shelters of Your Mind: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Fares Unfair #2: Does the Taxi Work Out Cheaper than Bus Fares?

Is the taxi really more expensive than bus fares in the Tameside area?

One of the great joys about living in the Tameside area is its proximity to the centre of Manchester and how each of the nine towns are close to each other. It is possible to walk to the next town from another within one hour if you are quite healthy. Its canals and arterial roads offer potential for cyclists to travel cheaply. The density of the borough also allows for good bus territory. Continue reading “Fares Unfair #2: Does the Taxi Work Out Cheaper than Bus Fares?”

20 June 1986: A Superstore is Born…

…on the ashes of a former cotton mill on Foundry Street

On the 20th June 1986, Dukinfield witnessed a sea change in its shopping habits, with the opening of a new Morrisons store on the site of Queen Mill. Prior to then, the norm for Duki residents meant a bus or taxi to Hyde, Stalybridge or Ashton-under-Lyne. All three centres had the popular Kwik Save stores on Reynard Street, Melbourne Street and Bow Street. Tameside’s only ASDA was on the 400/409/410 routes on Langham Street, off Oldham Road. The borough’s biggest store was Hyde’s Fine Fare, even after subdivision with Do-it-All taking one half of the hypermarket. Continue reading “20 June 1986: A Superstore is Born…”

Whit Friday 2011: Tameside Brass Band Contest Results

Faireys take over Fodens’ crown at Stalybridge Labour Club

A rather soggy Whit Friday saw Fairey (Geneva) Band win the Best Open prize at Stalybridge Labour Club. For the last 20 years, the Stalybridge contest crown was held by Fodens, who held the record for the most successive contest wins. This year they came second, with Northop Silver winning the third The Stalybridge contest also saw a change of adjudicator with Stephen Pritchard-Jones taking over from Derek Broadbent. Continue reading “Whit Friday 2011: Tameside Brass Band Contest Results”

Farewell New Broadcasting House

East of the M60 on BBC North’s move to MediaCityUK

BBC New Broadcasting House, Manchester
BBC New Broadcasting House, Oxford Road. Photo by Bods.

Continue reading “Farewell New Broadcasting House”

iGo to Ashton for Less These Days

System One celebrates launch of junior day rover ticket with a Big Day Out

A postcard of Manchester attraction and buses

Most regular readers of East of the M60 and similar transport blogs would have noticed the furore over TfGM’s concessionary fares system. Not least the change to half fare from flat fares and the new IGo pass (which is basically an Under 16 Card on steroids). On a happier note, System One Travelcards have launched a new bus only day rover for passengers under 16 years of age. The Junior Bus DaySaver ticket costs £2.70 and allows travel on all buses within the Greater Manchester boundary, from Arriva Manchester to Trent Barton. Continue reading “iGo to Ashton for Less These Days”

Midsummer Instrumentals: Rebellious Mixtape #3

Summertime, and the listening is easy…

Buckton Castle, Carrbrook

East of the M60 hasn’t done a Rebellious Mixtape since last June. Even more deficient on this hallowed soupçon of server space is a suggested playlist/mixtape for summertime easy listening/instrumental music. As well publicised within this blog I have a penchant for Supertramp, Half Man Half Biscuit and the underrated Chippenham band known as King Trigger. Indeed, but this is only scratching the surface of my musical tastes. Continue reading “Midsummer Instrumentals: Rebellious Mixtape #3”

Metrolink Myths Debunked

Everything you wanted to know about the forthcoming extensions which you were afraid to ask

Metrolink tram

In spite of numerous funding setbacks and delayed deadlines, work for the Phase Three extension is well and truly under way. In South Manchester, we see St Werburghs station and the first part of the South Manchester line months away from opening. In East Manchester, 2013 will see the line extended to Droylsden, with Ashton-under-Lyne’s extension ready the year after. Meanwhile in Oldham, the famed Seton Tubigrip bridge at Mumps Bridge has gone the way of the Dodo, Dinosaurs and the Trans-Lancs Express. Continue reading “Metrolink Myths Debunked”