New buses formally handed over to Ashton depot by Shadow Transport Minister

Andrew Gwynne MP, Chris Bowles, staff 15 new Enviro 200s
Andrew Gwynne MP, Chris Bowles and staff seen with Ashton depot's new Enviro 200s

Almost a week after entering service, Stagecoach in Manchester’s new buses have made their presence known on the 346 and 347 routes. Prior to then, they were formally handed over to Ashton depot by Shadow Transport Minister and Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne. Also present was Chris Bowles, Stagecoach Manchester M.D. and a number of staff at the depot, just off Clarence Street.

Replacing its 13 year old MAN single deckers, the new buses are more fuel efficient than its predecessors and feature voice-enabled CCTV cameras. This follows recent changes made to the 346 route, where Stagecoach’s daytime journeys were increased to 3 per hour from twice hourly. Its 15 new buses also feature on the 347 route.

Speaking at the launch, Andrew Gwynne congratulated Stagecoach on its investment and commitment to the area. He said it was “fantastic to see a company making sure that it is providing top quality green vehicles for its customers”.

“In this current difficult economic climate, for many people, public transport is the only option for getting around the region. Stagecoach Manchester’s investment ensures that customers are travelling on safe, modern and fuel efficient vehicles, proving its commitment to customers.”

Chris Bowles said “I am proud to be able to announce this good news about the investment in our Ashton fleet. We constantly strive to improve the quality of travel for our loyal customers, and we are very excited about the 15 new buses that we have just brought into service.

“We are also committed to making our service as environmentally friendly as possible, and reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The introduction of the new Enviro 200’s is just one more step we are taking to create a greener fleet.”

Green Week Competition

Andrew Gwynne MP and Chris Bowles signal the launch of Stagecoach's new buses

To celebrate the launch of Ashton’s new buses, and to support Stagecoach Group’s annual environmental awareness week ‘Green Week’, representatives from Stagecoach Manchester will be boarding 346 and 347 services on Tuesday 24th May, to hand out green goodies to passengers.

As part of ‘Green Week’ they will also be launching a competition to win a year’s free travel on the Stagecoach Manchester network. All you have to do is visit the ‘Greener By Bus‘ website and enter online. But hurry! You’ve only got till midnight on Thursday 26th May to enter!

S.V., 23 May 2011.

Photographs kindly supplied by Tangerine PR, Manchester.

6 thoughts on “Ashton Depot’s New Enviro 200s

  1. I suppose that’ll be the future vocation of the older MANs: staff shuttles and driver training services. Interestingly I saw a Volvo B10M on driver training duties this afternoon.

    I finally got around to boarding an Enviro 200 on my return journey home. The bus was three quarters full and it managed to scale Crescent Road slightly faster than the MANs ever did. Not a rattle in sight.


  2. New buses lose the ‘new thing’ rapidly. The great unwashed will see them mucky as the old ones within 2 months. The free city centre ones are looking bashed about already! All this plastic hasn’t got the durabilty of the materials used pre-deregulation.


    1. Hi Narissara,

      I suppose it is also the sign of the times. This problem isn’t only unique with buses and trains, but also consumer goods. Putting it bluntly, nothing is built to last, given the emphasis on profit and disposability. Without disposability/built-in obsolescence, there is no profit for the manufacturer. Be it buses, washing machines, cameras or home computers.

      The greater use of plastic I suppose is so that buses can be as light as possible (give me a good formica backed bus seat any day). In spite of this, the Metroshuttles are a good 1200kg lighter than the GMT/SELNEC standard Leyland Atlanteans (which carried 2.5 more passengers)!

      Bye for now,



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