iGo Everywhere In My Mother’s Car These Days…

Concessionary bus fare hikes for April 2011

In a bid to protect subsidised routes and School Buses, GMITA will abolish the flat rate concessionary fare from April of this year. Instead of being 80p at any time of the day, casual passengers under 16 will forced to pay half the adult fare. Therefore, a young passenger from Ashton to Dukinfield will pay another 10 – 15p on the flat fare rate, as the adult single fare at present prices between these two points is £1.90. Continue reading “iGo Everywhere In My Mother’s Car These Days…”

The False Economics of Abolishing EMA

The ConDems’ Civil War on Youth has been going for eight months now. Not to be content with axing the Building Schools for the Future, Aim Higher and the Future Jobs Fund, the bankers’ coalition have voted to abolish social mobility for 16 – 19 year olds, with a Commons Majority of 59. Continue reading “The False Economics of Abolishing EMA”

Lego GMT Standard double decker

Lost Bus Termini of Greater Manchester: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten lost or not-so-lost bus termini within our conurbation

As a logical step from previous postings on Lost Bus Routes of the Greater Manchester area, I thought it would have been a good idea to focus on our dearly departed bus stands. Lost bus stations, stances, shelters, termini and turnarounds. For instance, stops which may have move a few yards and lost a shelter in the process. Stops which are under supermarkets, places we dearly miss, or are glad to see the back of.

Yet these humble combines are as much a part of our history as local landmarks, churches, night clubs and public swimming baths. They are places where we not only waited for buses, but ate takeaways in or had a quick fumble and the like. It is the subject of this instalment of ‘The Not So Perfect Ten’.

Continue reading “Lost Bus Termini of Greater Manchester: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Taking a Chance on Being Another ABBA

ABBA’s influence on other pop groups

Whether you find the collected works of Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Annafrid uplifting or wrist slashing, nobody can fault ABBA’s influence. Not to mention tribute acts, Mamma Mia! and other attempts by existing groups to ABBAfy their sound. Continue reading “Taking a Chance on Being Another ABBA”