For several years as an avid Coronation Street viewer, a regular habit of mine has been picking out song titles within the script. I have been meaning to record my observations in blog form for some time, so I thought of breaking this duck tonight with tonight’s second episode. And they didn’t come any bigger than tonight’s tram crash.

The songs:

Some 16 song titles (including single word song titles) were quoted over 24 minutes of a typical Corrie episode. This amounts to one song quoted every 90 seconds. Without further ado are the 16 songs:

  1. Last Christmas, Wham! (1984): the first and only Christmas song reference;
  2. Uncle Albert, Paul McCartney (1972): the first of two Beatles/ex-Beatle references. Previous form: used as incidental music on ‘Only Fools and Horses’ 1991 episode He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Uncle;
  3. Up Where We Belong, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes (1982): first movie soundtrack song of the night (An Officer and a Gentleman);
  4. Time, Pink Floyd (1973): the sole Pink Floyd reference, and first album track to have been namechecked;
  5. Time (2) (The Clock of My Heart), Culture Club (1983): sole Culture Club number;
  6. Time (3), Electric Light Orchestra (1981): perhaps they could have referred to ELO’s number one album featuring Ticket to the Moon, Twilight and Hold On Tight;
  7. What’s Going On?, Marvin Gaye (1971): a killer storyline? We shall see by the end of this week;
  8. Together Forever, Rick Astley (1988): the first (and sole) Stock Aitken and Waterman produced song reference. Also the first sang by a North West born singer (in this case Newton-le-Willows);
  9. Congratulations, Sir Cliff Richard (1968): the sole Eurovision entry to have been namechecked. Just missed out on the top spot at the ESC and the Hit Parade;
  10. Clair, Gilbert O’ Sullivan (1973): first UK Number One chart hit to have been namechecked, and named after a real life person. In this case Gilbert O’ Sullivan’s daughter;
  11. I’m Free, The Soupdragons (1991): the first reference to a song by a Manchester band, late in to Part One;
  12. Lies, Thompson Twins (1982): first mention of a group’s debut single;
  13. Lies (2), Jonathan Butler (1988): the second debut single to be namechecked, the first by a South African artiste within tonight’s episode, and the second One Hit Wonder;
  14. Lies (3), Status Quo (1980): first and only Quo song to be mentioned tonight. Its AA side was Don’t Drive My Car ;
  15. Liar, The Sex Pistols (1977): the first punk/new wave song reference of the night;
  16. Liar, Queen (1973): also an album track, and from the band replaced by The Sex Pistols on what later became the most notorious episode of Bill Grundy’s Today programme;
  17. If I Can’t Have You?, Yvonne Elliman (1977): second movie soundtrack song of the night, this time Saturday Night Fever;
  18. Ready Or Not?, The Fugees (1997): the second UK Number One to be mentioned;
  19. What?, Soft Cell (1982): the first and only Northern Soul cover version of the night;
  20. Wot?, Captain Sensible (1982): Or it could have been that number by a former Damned artiste;
  21. Miss You, The Rolling Stones (1978): has the honour of being the most namechecked song (three times) of that episode, and the dubious honour of being the last one prior to the tram crash.

Predictions for tomorrow’s episode:

I would say that all bets are off for the namechecking of the 1988 song by The Primitives. All will be revealed then, I suppose…

S.V, 06 December 2010.

2 thoughts on “Tram Crash Television: Coronation Street, 06 December 2010

    1. Hi Jo,

      According to a Coronation Street blog (, it was Joan Baez. On the same post, some wag suggested ‘If I Had a Hammer’ (ouch!).

      Bye for now,



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