Lift Off (With Donna and the Aspinauts)

A exciting new socially aware band about to hit the street

First came Kraut Rock, then Alt Rock. Now we have Aut Rock. This time in the form of a new band, ‘Donna and the Aspinauts’.

Offering a brand of socially aware music, it aims to offer “diversity friendly music aimed at challenging stereotypes and breaking down social barriers”.

The latter part of the name, ‘Aspinaut’ is an amalgam of the first four letters of ‘Aspie’ (an informal term for a person with Asperger’s syndrome) and the first three letters of autism. The lead singer is none other than Donna Williams, who many would know in the autism spectrum fraternity as a leading speaker and author of 11 books on the subject.

Other members include Russell Edwards (Guitars), Mr Dan (Drums), Earl Wolfe (Bass) and Andrew Baylis (Lead Guitar).

As soon as their first album is released, expect to see a review on ‘East of the M60’.

We have lift off,

Stuart (Lester Bangs) Vallantine.

S.V., 16 June 2008.

2 thoughts on “Lift Off (With Donna and the Aspinauts)

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I have listened to the samples of your live recordings, and all six of them were great. I instantly recognised ‘Going Places’ having read the piece in your poetry book ‘Not Just Anything’.

    Bye for now and have a good Christmas.

    Stuart. 🙂


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