“Don’t be a Plonker if you can be a Stonker…”

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again, ‘Comic Relief’.

What started off a ninety minute programme has mushroomed into an evening long telethon, with linked programmes.  For the purpose of this post, I would like to hear your memories of previous Comic Relief years.  I shall start off with my memories.

For me, 2001 was the best year, as I spent an hour outside the Stalybridge branch of Tescos, collecting for Comic Relief, dressed as an overweight Emily Howard lookalike!  Ten years earlier, I was at school, and took part in a ‘talent contest’ singing the then popular Right Said Fred song ‘I’m Too Sexy’, followed by ‘The Stonk’ by Hale and Pace.  In the same year, I brought the house down at the school hall with an impression of a washing machine for a version of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, organised by some sixth formers.

For the next part of this post, I shall make reference to the Comic Relief songs.

My favourite was the first ever single for the said charity, ‘Living Doll’.  This was a version by Cliff Richard and The Young Ones (yes, Rik, Vyvian, Mike and Neil of the 1982 – 4 sitcom… heavv-vee!) from 1986.  The most cheesiest one has to be ‘The Stonk’ by Hale and Pace and the Stonkers (which was a more blatant single; a trend followed by Right Said Fred with ‘Stick It Out’).  This is due to the talent contest mentioned earlier.

The Singles (note, this is not a complete list; any additions welcome):

  • 1986: ‘Living Doll’, Cliff Richard and the Young Ones;
  • 1987-8: ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’, Mel (Smith) and Kim (Wilde);
  • 1989: ‘Help’, Bananarama and La Na Ne Na Na Noo (a.k.a French and Saunders);
  • 1991: ‘The Stonk’, Hale and Pace and the Stonkers;
  • 1993: ‘Stick It Out’, Right Said Fred;
  • 1997: ‘Mama/Who Do You Think You Are?’, The Spice Girls;
  • 2007: ‘Walk This Way’, Girls Aloud.

Your comments please…

S.V., 16 March 2007.

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